Alpinism of Kyrgyzstan

In terms of alpinism, Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places, because most of the territory is covered with mountains. Therefore, many tourists prefer to take the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service and travel around the area doing alpinism, trekking or hiking. Access to the mountains is one of the advantages of the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service, because they could only dream of such a thing during the Soviet Union, since it was forbidden to climb high in the mountains. But still, some high-ranking officials were able to get permission to visit the mountain peaks even then.

About permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages travelers can learn from our guides during the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service. Also, to be safe, tourists should not forget that there might be risks in the form of avalanches and cracks.

Speaking of alpinism, it is worth noting that if climbers can climb the peaks of 7000 m above sea level, they will be awarded the title "Snow Leopard". According to estimates, about 600 climbers managed to receive the award during the Soviet Union.

Alpinism of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours.