Altyn Arashan valley

Our team is happy to announce the opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan and take a visit of the most picturesque destinations, like Altyn Arashan gorge. It is the famous location of hot springs. There were many researching to be made for the investigation of the territory. The cars for rent are of great need for the visitors coming here and viewing the views of breath-taking. We are able to travel along Karakol and take a tour to Altyn Arashan gorge, as it is taken from the Altyn Arashan River. The reach is taken of 10km.

For the creation of the gorge people say the name is translated as "Golden Spa". And being here in a tour we are able to show the mineralized waters always being good for health and body. With the wandering in Kyrgyzstan on rented cars you can see this splendid country.