Faith means

Mainly Kyrgyzstan is a country of many nationalities and due to it there are many religions and beliefs of the people here. You are the one to rent a car and get a view of the majority of the population being Muslims, of religion Islam. As our country is placed in the heart of the mountains, it presents about 75% of Muslims, 20% of the Russian Orthodox Church and 5% of other religion followers.

The service of renting a car offers the opportunity to take the tour along the country and travel along the territory where Muslims are Sunni, started existence in the 8th century. And in the 19th century it started to be the main religion in the state. As in the past times there are the shamans in our modern world. At the same time the other greatest religion here is Christianity, started existence in the 7th century. Mainly Russians and Ukrainians are Christians in the country.

While traveling along the country it is possible to feel that the choice of religion here is free and you can believe anything, or believe nothing. Though in the past times the situation was stricter and it was impossible to have a faith. Today the Muslims start to be of a greater amount. You tour in Kyrgyzstan is surely going to be the best one.

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