About us

"Almaz Tour" Travel Agency

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan!

When you travel with "Almaz Tour" in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, you become part of developing an interesting Ecotourism concept. What we intend to offer our valued clients is the first innovative approach to travel programs in the Central Asia.

Who we are?

"Almaz Tour" was formed in 2001 in order to fulfill the dreams of the curious adventurer.

Today we have a dedicated "Almaz Tour" - team of translators, guides, drivers and other contacts throughout the country who will be happy to assist you while travelling in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Also we have at our disposal all the needed equipment and infrastructure to offer our guest an adequate logistical support.  

"Almaz Tour" aims are to offer its guests a great experience of expedition travel where en rout meetings and actions differentiate its tours from others. We are aware of the consequences tourism can have on a country, all our tours are organized with due respect for people, culture and nature.

"Almaz Tour" offers a full array of travel experiences, including customized and independent foreign travel, as well as escorted, cultural, educational, adventure, Luxury, ski and active vacations. We organize travel experiences for individuals, families and groups to destinations around the Central Asia. Its goal is to be able to fulfill the travel "life-list" of today's travelers, regardless of their special interests.

"Almaz Tour" places a heavy emphasis on exceptional customer service and destination expertise, offering a wide range of value-added products and addressing consumer needs that are not being met by any single entity in the marketplace.

You can have a look at our web site to learn more about "Almaz Tour" service and don't hesitate to Contact Us for any further information!


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