Kyrgyz monuments

In the floor of the hall and rooms 23 and 27 found the pit filled with clay  nye. The pit in the room 27 of cylindrical shape with a diameter of 0.9 m and a depth of 2.7 m in depth of the well area 23 4.2 m, diameter 1.2, but the cleanup has not yet brought it to the bottom. In the same room is a cellar with a rectangular aperture size 0,95 X0, 83 am A small hole in the center of the room (room 18). It was blocked by a square stone slab with a hole in the center. When cleaning the wells encountered fragments of pottery, bone, stomach  GOVERNMENTAL. Unglazed ceramic and refers to the X-XII centuries. The same ceramic  mic and found during excavations around the building. At the same time in the pits and outside the building found a few fragments chap  zurovannoy ceramic glaze with green, brown and dark green colors  tion, characteristic X-XII and XIII centuries. When cleaning the premises  tions in some of them are found up to two dozen fragments  unglazed ceramic showers and X-XII centuries., Which apparently has no direct relation to the monument. Was found and pozdnesred nevekovaya-glazed ceramics is not of local origin.


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