Kyrgyzstan dimensions

Given the scientific importance fort Koshoy Korgon, Department of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Kyrgyz State University named versity. 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union in 1980 began "to-• 'his Nome hospital study.
Settlement is located almost in the center of the Bashi Valley. Occupying a convenient strategic location on the ground, it cont rolirovalo the entire valley and the trade route, which took place on it in ancient ņion.
The Settlement is rectangular-shaped dimensions 245x250 m Preserved height of the walls 4-8 m on their perimeter traced etsya 60 towers: on the north - 19 South - 13 East - 17 and the west - 11. The walls, like the tower, built of adobe blocks Cove large and elongated brick. The thickness of the walls at the bottom of 9.7 m, up slightly, they lent, and at a height of 8 m thickness of 3-4 m in some places the walls and towers showed signs of repair and the remnants of logs, which may be used as scaffolding. The monumentality of defensive structures suggests that they are safely sheltered residents of kind during the war danger.


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