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The building is almost square in plan with a side length of 32,4 X34, 8 pm The platform sides to the cardinal. The main facade of the raschena is to the east. The building was erected on an artificial platform on the hillside. The foundation lies in the loess layer, its depth is 0.2 - 2 meters all over the eastern facade and along the piers of the portal is sufa stones, width 0,65-0,85 m, height 0.6-0.8 m sufa IME  are on the sides of the main corridor in the main hall, along the four walls, as well as in several other rooms and corridors. Sex and the main corridor of the hall is paved with large flat stones, in the other rooms and corridors of the clay floors. The premises are not many other  layout and size, than those who were known to the authors of previous publications. In this respect  SRI allocated room 9. It is rectangular in plan and overlap  a dome. Putting 20 in size much more than was known up to now, and the entrance to it was from the central hall in the room 19. Such distortions of the plans and the size of the character  thorns and all other parts of the monument. - Kyrgyzstan is the land for trekking. - Horse riding tours with local exparts.  - Biking near Son Kul Lake. - Cultural tours and local adventures. - Reliable tours with mountain guides. - These tour leaders can really help you.          - Remote land and mountains.         


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