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19 rooms have a domed ceiling, 11 -, and vaulted  but one - a flat, covered by large stone slabs. In the domes and vaults of the skylights. Vaulted ceilings above corridors and rectangular rooms is divided zones of width 0.85 m, which are made of boards laid on edge and flat. Re  moves from the walls of the dome are carried out through various integer  da sails. The internal layout of buildings, size of rooms and doorways, the decor does not allow you to agree with the assertion  E by several authors that some rooms were used for parking of horse, that is, were the stables. Completion of archaeological sites and a comprehensive analysis of construction methods will need  dimy material to clarify the previously known data on the Tash-Re-Bath: the functional purpose, dating, features its ap  architecture serve, etc.
Monuments of Jews, the population of the Central Tien-Shan are scarce. This is understandable, since the area was a territory from time immemorial settlement of nomads. Only in the X-XII centuries., V.svyazi with the further development of feudal relations, permanent settlements appear in the Tien Shan. Currently, they found about 30. Remains of settlements discovered by archeologists in Susamyr, Djumgal Kochkor and valleys in the basin. Naryn and its tributaries. Among registered their settlements mi  size and monumental fort allocated Koshoy Korgon. It is located 8 miles west of the modern district center Atbashi. The ruins of the fort is so vast that even now the impression of a formidable and impregnable fortress. - Cultural tours by cars.         - trekking tours from local mountain guides.  - high mountain passes to be crossed by you. - off road tours around the whole Kyrgyzstan. - fixed dates interesting combined tours.             


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