Legends of Kyrgyzstan

Legends of the Kyrgyz people associate settlement with the name of the legendary companion of Manas - batyr Kosho. In one of them, Koshoy buried their treasure here, on the other - it was his castle during the struggle against foreign invaders. But the history of the settlement is quite different.
The first description Koshoy-Korgon was made in 1894 which gives you  Russian Orientalist VV Bartold. Based on data collected when you visit Bashi Valley and the analysis of medieval written sources, bh identified this monu  nick to the ancient city Atbashi.
Considerable attention Koshoy Korgon ancient settlement, along with other  In other monuments of Central Tien-Shan, was paid to the board  skoe time. In 1937, it examines the archaeological expedition of Cyrus,  gizskogo State Pedagogical Institute under the direction of BM-Z  we are. In 1944 Koshoy Korgon becomes the object of research Tian-Shano-Alai archaeological expedition, led by ANBernshtam. This expedition was first conducted the most comprehensive historical and topographical study of the settlement. The plan was withdrawn by the settlement, conducted preliminary excavations, collected surface material, place of settlement is determined, among other monuments of the Tien Shan. Moreover, it was found that the collapse of the central we adjoined a large-sized area with traces of buildings, surrounded by an additional wall.


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