Chains in Kyrgyzstan

Mountain chains can be seen as rather mysterious localities in Kyrgyzstan, and guests can view this mystery with their own eyes, taking a tour and renting a car. For the far locations of the mountains it is highly recommended to be taken the car for rent. So maximum details are going to be told to the people coming to travel here on behalf of our company. Kyrgyzstan is known to be the land of 88 ranges, some of them being the only one, some of them being separate.

As for the main range of the country where it is possible to have a tour, is the Tien Shan Range, or the Celestial Mountains range. But there are also smaller ranges like Chon Alai in the south, which connects with the Pamir System. With the help of this country is divided into the north and south. Those who travel in the state are going to view the beauty of natural views, as we prepare the greatest trip programs, as there are amazing views of the longest ranges, as Kakshaal of 582km and the Kyrgyz Range of 454km.

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Taking the trip on cars for rent, guests are going to view some of the facts of the Terskey Ala Too range. These mountains are seen as the shady mountains range. The sunny mountains are presented with the Kungey Ala Too. All along with the mountain notes, Pamir-Alai divide  into the Turkestan and Alai ridges. Being in any part of the country we can see these beautiful and so splendid mountains as Ala Too.