Ethnic groups

Deciding to travel in Kyrgyzstan will offer a familiarity with ethnic groups. Having tours with car rent is a great chance to see the real beauty of country. There is an opportunity to see old and ethnic tenacities of the area of the mountain country with more than 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan.

In Kyrgyzstan, more than 60% are those people who live in the villages or in the foothills. The review shows that 80% are the Kyrgyz people, with out of a hundred of the other natives, as 10% of Russians, 14% of Uzbeks and about 8% of Dungans, Uighurs, Kazakhs, and Tajiks. On tours in Kyrgyzstan, get a chance to enrich with them.

On tours get to know the lifestyle of the local people's life. They live at the heights, farm the cattle and live in the yurts. Our offer is to rent a car and flashed the part of the travelling in Kyrgyzstan. 

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