Tourists during a tour with Kyrgyzstan car rent service pay close attention to the fauna of Kyrgyzstan, because there are rare species of the most interesting animals. Tourists in Kyrgyzstan usually try to use car rent in Bishkek Lexus LX470 to visit the heights of the country. We promise travelers the tour with Kyrgyzstan car rent service based on the study of animals, and in general, the fauna of Kyrgyzstan in general.

And so what is interesting in the fauna of Kyrgyzstan? Firstly, depending on the altitude and temperature, you will meet different animals while traveling through the mountains of the country. For example, many people on the tour get with car rent in Bishkek Lexus LX470 to heights of 3400 and 3800 m, where marmots, mountain voles and voles live. In the same place, tourists can see brown bears, hares, wild sheep and ibex. Secondly, there are such interesting bird species, which you will also see on the tour, such as alpine sandpipers, red-bellied redstarts, doves, partridges, golden eagles, falcons, hawks, buzzards and bullfinches.

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Third, here in the fauna of Kyrgyzstan there are such unique species of animals as Marco Polo sheep, red deer, lynx and snow leopards that you will see during the travel tour. Unfortunately, those traveling in Kyrgyzstan also realize that these unique animals are rare and included in the list of endangered species. Today the fauna of Kyrgyzstan plays a significant role for the country.