History of Kyrgyzstan

Using the possibilities of car rental in Kyrgyzstan to see the inevitability of getting to know history. We're willing to give you some fun details about the tours. Nowadays, the history of Kyrgyzstan is rich in it, as are the inhabitants. There is various information that cannot be understood in the article alone, since there is a need to communicate with the guides on the tours, with the local people as well as the nomads. We would also like to note that a car can be rented and driven safely.

Travelers can see ancient writings on the walls of gorges all over the tours and read more about the nomads' lives. It is understood that these farmers, with yurts and cattle, migrated from one pasture to another pasture. The history is largely projected to be 2000 years old, with the provisional history in the recorded documents in 201BC. The tours to Kyrgyzstan are going to be fun.

It is nice to rent a car and drive through the mountains and get to know the Kyrgyz people, to see the growth of art, culture, and literature in the approximations of the ancient people. In this case, in Cholpon Ata, we're talking about the Rock Art Gallery in the Issyk Kul area. The Bronze Age, being the essence of magical life, is seen in this location. See the pictures depicted on the walls on the tours as petroglyphs, goats, bulls, horses, and all the creatures, scenes like dancing, talking, and so on from everyday life.

Basically, in the Chinese notes in 201BC, the history of the nation turns. The entire history of ancient times spans from 1000BC to 300AD. In the "Historical Notes" chronicle, proof about the Kyrgyz people was provided where about 5 people tried to conquer the Hunnu. Then the other notes are given in the historian Ban Gu's Han-shu chronicle. Nowadays, scientists suggest that the ancient Kyrgyz state territory was in eastern Turkestan.

Some people assume that the time from 1200 to 1400 has been cleared of devastating events, as there have been records of Mongol invasions. When they arrived, they succeeded in quenching the advanced Turkic culture. When travelers rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, they are aware of the fact that the Kyrgyz were the Yenisei in 1207, and this year the people are obviously getting under Chenghiz Khan's laws. After this case, the nomads of the past enchanted the religion of Islam in the 12-15th centuries, as there were stout vibes with Persian, Arab, and Turkic merchants.

Our company proposes to be Kyrgyzstan's guest, use car rent services and explore the territory. Travel across the world, which saw people traveling from South Siberia in the 15th century. Thus, there was no state for the locals in the 15th century up before the 19th century. There were tribes, and some of the front-runners tried to establish a single state with a single chief. Later on, with the democratic system as well as the beginning of liberty opinions, the theory collapsed and formed the tribes.

Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz people experienced the desire to become part of the Russian Empire in the 18th century and before the beginning of the 20th century. In order to remind the Russian representatives of the aspiration, they also sent legislators. The northern Kyrgyz citizens of the past tried to invade Russia, as they were sorry for the burdens. These stresses were lengthwise with the outer ones from internal areas. This theory was contradicted by the South and that is why they were united by power. The profession culminated in the transition from an itinerant way of living to an agrarian one.

The Bolsheviks emerged at the turn of the 20th century, in 1917, to conquer the forces of the Russian Empire. They asked that they be equal in the non-attendance of the mistreatment of the people. This was the Soviet Union's emergence. Then, the country's political and cultural life continued to progress. Continuing to improve schooling. The Kyrgyz people's statehood was altered to an autonomous region, then to a republic. It has been horrific and the killings of blameless individuals have risen.

The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 and the nation was on its way to become independent. Citizens had an ambition to be autonomous and, as a result, in political, economic and social life, they suffered at the financial stage, in joblessness and crisis. Through freedom, the nation acquired a flag and anthem. It became a member of the UN in 1992, and received its own Constitution in 1993. This was the land of unpredictability. And there were two wars, the 2005 and 2010 revolutions. It was a time when people stood by their authorities. Kyrgyzstan is free nowadays, open for tours and car rental services.