Language in Kyrgyzstan

As tourists to Kyrgyzstan, it is popular for individuals to rent a car in Bishkek and explore the language in close contact with the local people. It is the key medium of contact that helps to consider the interests of other persons. To get to know the language, to know the means of language assistance for the people of Kyrgyzstan.

The leaders of our business deliver Kyrgyz and Russian dictionaries. In addition, the manuals are English-speaking. In any case, they are still able to support, to provide the full details about tours and support to rent a car. The language of Kyrgyz can be explored by tourists from the viewpoint of the family of languages and history.

Essentially, your car rental tour would be focused on the Turkic family's analysis of the language. The Orhon-Yenisey one was the first script. Afterwards, people began to use the Arabic alphabet, as the connection to the religion of Islam began to exist. The Latin alphabet was the next point. With the rise of the Soviet Union, with the addition of new sounds, people began to transform their vocabulary into the Cyrillic script, used today in the Kyrgyz language.

Get a tour of our country with fun, our team is always able to fulfill all important needs. The national language, alienated from the northern and southern dialects, is Kyrgyz. Russian is the second language commonly used by the state. As they are very welcoming, the tourists are free to interact with the local residents, happy to help on the tours in Kyrgyzstan all the time. Using the car rental company and have a great time with us.