Peak Pobeda

Kyrgyzstan is home to a number of high peaks. We'd like to talk about Pobeda's height. It marginalizes China, being 7439 m high, and is well thought-out to be the highest peak in the past in all of the Soviet Union.

During the tours, Kyrgyzstan's travelers are still informative about adding locations bordering the top. The Zvezdochka glacier can be seen on car rental tours. Found out that the name is Tomur Peak in the Chinese portion of the shape. The past of the peak is fascinating as researcher P. Semyonov's name was inaccurate.

This, he supposed, was the Khan Tengri peak. At various time spans, both peaks were called Khan Tengri. In celebration of the win in WW2, the summit applied such a name to Pobeda. Dissimilar climbers, the teams, produced a range of obstacles. We can understand that most attempts are futile due to the worsening conditions. In order to be the one to see the far and the most wonderful areas of Kyrgyzstan on tours, we offer to rent a car in our business.