Rituals of Kyrgyz people

Rituals are an integral part of Kyrgyz culture. The rituals performed here are unique and interesting for travelers during a tour with rent the car Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan. We want to say that our team organizes unforgettable tours with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service for those who want to travel in this unique country and get acquainted with culture and rituals. Many foreign guests see the need for the cars for rent service to go directly to the locals and feel the rituals, that is, the customs and traditions of the state. The history of rites and rituals of the Kyrgyz people began to emerge during the period of the Turkic tribes. Moreover, it is important to say that the rituals of the Kyrgyz with that travelers get to know during tours with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service were based on a nomadic lifestyle.

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In such popular tours with rent the car Bishkek service, travelers will first learn about the rites and rituals performed with childbirth. Childbirth is a series of holidays in Kyrgyzstan. The first thing to do when a child is born is to inform family and friends of this good news that is called "suiunchu". For reporting childbirth, the communicant receives gifts, in most cases, money. Then the turn of "korunduk" is the baby's shows for the first time, when relatives and friends give any amount of money to the baby's parents to see the child. The next holiday is "beshik toy" that is a celebration of the birth of a child, inviting many guests and preparing many delicious dishes of a traditional nature, as well as performing the rituals of burning juniper while putting the baby in the cradle. After, when the child is one year old, and he begins to slowly take his first independent steps, then they arrange a "tushoo kesuu" holiday; this is when, according to tradition, the rituals of cutting the ropes are performed. On the day of "tushoo kesuu" many guests with children are invited, the child's legs are tied and the children of the guests compete in running, then the winner cuts the rope on the child's feet. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service during the tour, you can learn a lot about these ceremonies and rituals.

Traditionally, the Kyrgyz pay due attention to arranging weddings and following rituals during the ceremony. Today, lavish weddings in Kyrgyzstan play the most important role in society. And that is why modern Kyrgyz, despite the high financial costs, today arrange weddings in large restaurants with a significant number of guests. The traditional rituals of marriage were completely contrary to the current worldview of society, that is, earlier practiced "ala kachuu" is the theft of the bride. According to tradition, if the groom stole the bride, then the girl had no right to leave the groom's house, even if they did not know each other. Fortunately, today this method of marriage is punishable by law. To this day, the tradition is honored and "kyz uzatuu" is celebrated, this is seeing off the bride, when close relatives and friends say goodbye to the bride. There is also "nike kyiuu", which is an engagement or legalization of marriage according to Muslim laws. And after these events, they will arrange a wedding in some of the restaurants in Kyrgyzstan. By the way, it is quite possible that travelers during the tours with the cars for rent service in Kyrgyzstan will be able to see the process of the wedding.