Rukh Ordo complex

The Rukh Ordo complex is a historic cultural hub of interaction for people of diverse faiths; it is at the core of the interchange of sentiments and values and, of course, of the mutual enrichment of cultures. Tourists will enhance the trip by seeing the world of religion, mythology and a significant background of car rental.

That most of those taking car rental and tours in Kyrgyzstan interact with the facts from a study point of view, along with some fictitious facts. The architecture of the complex is intentional. People decided to establish a place that embraces all religions, all countries. This is the region chosen by the numerous leaders to visit. The complex is flooded to the south by Issyk Kul Lake and offset to the north by Kungei Ala Too. The core idea of the complex is seen in the ones that follow: the centre, side by side, opposite to each other, of the five main religions. In Kyrgyzstan, renting a car opens the door to see the mystical side of the house itself. It is depicted in white chapels, intended to signify people's openness to one another, their desire to love one another. And tourists can walk around the tour spot in Kyrgyzstan, somewhere along that territories of the site, in the middle of the journey, and appreciate the background of car rental.

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