Traditional drinks of Kyrgyz people

In Kyrgyzstan, there are several types of national drinks, each of which differs in a special way of preparation and taste. According to the people, the quality of the drinks depends on the ingredients, the place and the time of year. In tours you will be able to drink and see. You can book a car rent on request.

Kymyz is an indispensable component of a healthy lifestyle of the residents of Kyrgyzstan. A drink made from mare's milk, rich in minerals and vitamins, has been gaining popularity among residents and visitors of the country in recent years. Residents of Kyrgyzstan believe in the healing properties of kymyz, which can also be tasted in specially installed tents and hotels in the country.

Maksym and Jarma
Zharma is the Kyrgyz national soft drink, which is prepared only in the hot months. In Kyrgyzstan, it is brewed from barley or wheat. You definitely will try in our tours. In addition, we want to mention about our car rent service.

The beneficial properties of airan were known to the healers of the past, who used it as a medicine for diseases of the stomach and circulatory system. The benefits of ayran are confirmed by modern research - it refreshes, gives strength and vigor, quenches hunger and thirst. First of all, it has a positive effect on the digestive system: it is well absorbed, stimulates the work of the intestines and forms a favorable microflora. Ayran also increases the secretion of the stomach, which effectively cleanses the bile ducts.

Ak serke
After beshbarmak, ak-serke is served - a broth with the addition of fermented milk products (koumiss, airan or suzme).

A drink is prepared from malt, sprouted wheat, cucurura, barley or millet. It is considered the most difficult to prepare national drink. While being in tours with car rent we can easily find that drink which you want to try.