Absolutely all tourists are interested in the mode of transportation before travel tour. Therefore, we will now tell you here about the railway transportation of Kyrgyzstan. The railway company "Kyrgyz Temir Zholy" or "Kyrgyz Railway" operates here today. However, lovers of rail transportation will have to be upset by the fact that in Kyrgyzstan during the tour there will not be a chance to ride the country by train everywhere, since the mountainous situation limits train travel, which is why traveling with cars for rent is common here.

Railway transportation in Kyrgyzstan is divided into two parts: southern and northern. For example, those who go to the Issyk Kul region and want to try the railway transportation of Kyrgyzstan are very lucky, because they can get train tickets and leave Bishkek for Balykchy. The route of which further continues to the railway of Kazakhstan. Previously, it was also lucky for those tourists who wanted to get to Uzbekistan by rail from the southern part of Kyrgyzstan during their travel. They just had to buy tickets either in Osh or Jalal Abad and go by train to Uzbekistan. But today this method is impossible.

To find out the timetable, you can visit the website of the Railway Company, or An important fact that should be taken into account is that in a short time you will not get to the designated place by train. Such restrictions of rail transportation in no way affect your tour because you can travel with our Bishkek car for rent.


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