Visa is the chance to fly and be satisfied with the work of our business in Kyrgyzstan or some other state on tours. There are certain times of visit to Kyrgyzstan for tourists with diplomatic and service passports. And for countries like Hungary, the PRC, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Slovakia, Korea, Indonesia, that's 30 days. Ninety days will be spent in India, Poland, Qatar, Estonia, France, Italy and Morocco.

The website  needs to be visited by all countries that require an electronic visa. And before the tour is to take place, it is important to review the website details as soon as possible. As there could be shifts, it is best for everybody to be mindful of them. It is safer for the guests to take car rental service to get the visa, to be conscious of the notes to be without errors. There is a requirement to make a payment after confirmation has been made, with the card open for overseas purchases. In the case of a community visa, there must be around 15 persons for the month of the stay. Right after the visa is issued, the fare to the country must be purchased.

Keep in mind that in order to make a tour and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan it is necessary to get the e-visa and then to cover the border of one of the following points - Manas-airport, "Osh-airport", "Chon-Kapka-avtodorozhnyi", "Chaldybar- avtodorozhnyi", Ak-Jol- avtodorozhnyi", "Ak-Tilek-avtodorozhnyi", "Dostuk-avtodorozhnyi", "Kyzyl-Bel-avtodorozhnyi", "Kulundu-avtodorozhnyi", "Bor-Dobo-avtodorozhnyi", "Irkeshtam-avtodorozhnyi", "Torugart-avtodorozhnyi".