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Welcome to Central Asia! 

What is Almaz? What does it stand for? You probably wondered what is that.

"Almaz" is translated from Kyrgyz as "diamond".  It can be yellow, brown, green, blue, black, red or colorless, it can have different shapes. But the common thing about all those types is that diamond is an extremely precious and popular stone. It is the same about our tours to Central Asia - we offer tour packages to different countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and they are all wonderful in their own way!

We can help you to arrange any kind of tour you want! Maybe you have always dreamt about self-drive tour? With our cars for rent you can make it come true. Maybe you are in love with mountains and only there you feel happy? That is exactly about travel in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan! Maybe you are a big fan of history and architectural heritage? So it's time to travel to Uzbekistan! Rent a car for your trip to Kazakhstan and see the charming beauty of Kolsai lakes! And of course, don't miss famous Darwaza - the pride of Turkmenistan!

You will be convinced that every Central Asian destination has its own diamond! "Travel Experts" will help you to realize the wildest ideas! Our main goal is to make the best custom tour that will be based on your wishes.

We would strongly recommend you to combine all 5 Stans and have a really memorable trip! Because only this way you can understand and feel the atmosphere, mentality and lifestyle of Central Asian countries. You can discover some of them by the car for rent, driving yourself and spending adventurous time. Or hire a tour guide and driver in others and get to know the local culture thanks to the better communication. 

You are always welcome to Central Asia! 

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