Uzbekistan travel and tour 14

Uzbekistan is a kaleidoscope of colors reflecting in countless castles with turquoise domes, mausoleums, minarets, and madrasahs with the background of dreamy medieval landscapes. During our tours you will lean how caravans extending from China to Mediterranean became the reason of appearing of hundreds of cities along the way. Such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva were the heart of the Silk Road. Nowadays there are many historical monuments in these cities and they are well-preserved and attract many tourists each year.  

Send us your travel dates or plans about your holidays in Uzbekistan, and our team will prepare you an excellent program considering all your enquiries. To visit the main cities of Uzbekistan, seven or eight days are enough. But if you want to extent your to Fergana valley to see sites and pottery workshops, you have to add couple more days. Tours in Uzbekistan are always full of history, culture and amusing excursions. Your tours will be like an encyclopedia of the history of the Great Silk Road. You will be plunged into an atmosphere of bustling medieval age's cities.

Discover Uzbekistan with the most reliable company in Central Asia and enjoy your unforgettable tour of a lifetime!